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Jigarthanda: Where Madurai gangster meets Mario Puzo

“Tarantino, Godfather, Scarface… make a movie modelled on those lines; if possible, rip-off from them totally. Also, get loads of violence, blood…” a movie producer tells an aspiring director as he hurls in front of him a bunch of Hollywood CDs and DVDs rather dismissively. Chastened, and desirous of an authentic debut, the director seeks a real-life don for a muse that leads him to Madurai. Thus begins Jigarthanda, Karthik Subburaj’s second venture (after Pizza) -- an absolute entertainer that could, in all probability, turn out to be the movie of the year. By straddling various genres with utmost ease – comedy, gangster and romance -- not to mention the gamut of cleverly-placed twists in a near-flawless plot, Jigarthanda leaves the audience yearning for more, as if after an orgasm. As far as flicks set in Madurai go, Subramaniapuram may finally have a contender.
The first half proceeds at break-neck speed, thanks to slick editing,as Karthik (Sidharth) comes to Madurai and meets his fr…