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Email: Wither communication?

Appeared in the column 'Time-out' on the edit page of The New Indian Express on 14th December 2010

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The manifold utilities of e-mail, or electronic mail, is indeed a boon for mankind, however, as Murphy’s Law stands testimony to, if a product can be used for the right purpose, it can very well be improperly utilised. Examples for this dictum are available in abundance – probably numbering equal to the number of corruption scandals in North Block, New Delhi, ever since the country attained independence. Just as the objectives for which the Swiss army-knife, a versatile device no doubt, may be used in addition to those determined by its designer (Victorinox, are you listening?), it could do us a world of good if we analyse the reasons for which the all-pervading e-mails are used (or misused, actually).

The reasons why e-mails or electronic mails are abused in a manner akin to drug or su…