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The travails of the projector operator

Any conversation about a movie inevitably veers towards its cast and crew, in addition to scenes/sequences that have either bowled over or frustrated the viewer (that is, if you are not associated with the technical know how of the film). Surprising as it may seem, the projector operator present in the theatre, who is largely responsible for the hassle-free screening of a movie, isn't someone who would be instantly recognised or associated with one's cinematic viewing experiences. The projector operator (henceforth referred to as the PO in short), can at best be described as someone who has the gumption to watch every single genre of cinema, day after day, week after week, until the movie is finally removed from screens.
Viewers to a theatre are generally informed in advance about the particulars of any movie, usually by word of mouth, with added particulars such as 'don't miss the scene where the hero smashes a band of goons, single-handedly' or 'the heroine&#…