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The outlawed lip-locks of Indian cinema

He’s the one-in-all intelligence extraordinaire of the nation. From sniffing out terrorist threats to neutralising them and tracking down its masterminds, so smooth is his modus operandi that it could give hot chocolate sauce poured over ice-cream a complex. His bravado outclasses that of a Jason Bourne, his magnetism to the feminine could put a James Bond to shame and in plan execution could make your Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger seem like schoolboys fighting over a lollipop. The protagonist in Thuppakki, an army officer portrayed by Ilayathalapathy Vijay, does this all and much more, but is unable to perform the simple act of kissing his lady-love, well, on her lips. He gets the opportunity to do so twice, but the call of duty precedes his romantic pursuits, resulting in Cupid’s own travesty!

Lips-locked, literally, one may say.

This, however, may serve as a pointer to a deep-rooted phenomenon in the Indian film industry in general and the Tamil film industry (Kolywood) in p…