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Should violence be part of our movies?

A trigger-happy imbecile opened fire indiscriminately inside an American movie hall during the screening of the movie The Dark Knight Rises, killing at least a dozen viewers and injuring many more. This directs the spotlight on an age-old conundrum related to cinema: should violence ever be part of it?

For the motion

What we see is what we get
Nothing makes a case for the exclusion of violence from cinema better than the acronym in computer terminology WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get). This statement is not without its empirical evidence. That visual stimulus, in concordance with its other forms, can make a lasting impact on the sub-conscious, the portion of our mind that functions even when we are physically inactive (Think the Pavlov’s dog experiment), has been well documented. Depending on the information that we feed our brains, our thinking processes can undergo irreversible deformations. Feed violence and you would, in all likelihood, receive the same.

Let us take the cue …

Scarface Meets The Godfather and Other Hollywood Scripts

Bangalore's Carnatic Tale -- from Radio to the Web

Worldspace Radio's abrupt termination of services left behind a void in music aficionados. However, Carnatic classical music listeners may have reason for cheer as the RJs of its Carnatic music channel team up again - this time for an online avatar