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Iruvar: Where cinema and politics converge

Wikipedia, the new-age information mine, details it as a movie that suffered a backlash from a section of viewers as it supposedly portrayed its protagonists as womanizers. Its director claims that it was the best movie he made till date. Unfortunately for Tamil cinema, its lead cast never teamed up again. One of its leading ladies had, prior to starring in the movie, won an international beauty pageant. Despite the disclaimer at the beginning of the movie stating that incidents in the movie are mere figments of imagination, it was in fact, quite the opposite, thereby proving to be a waste of a disclaimer. Its soundtrack featured songs that lifted words from the titles of films that the real-life equivalent of one of its protagonists had starred in. Cutting all suspense short, Mani Ratnam’s Iruvar (The duo) is a movie, a biography and a documentary, all rolled into one about two politicians who have impacted Tamil Nadu as no other – Marudhur Gopalamenon Ramachandran, or MGR, and Muthu…

Siruthai: Routine Andhra fare served with Tamil niceties

With Pongal being the next most significant period to release a Tamil movie after Diwali, it is only natural that filmmakers ensure a blockbuster (which, in 99 times out of 100, is of the feel-good variety with action and glamour thrown in generous doses). A safer bet to do so is by remaking a movie that has tasted success in another language. Siruthai (the leopard), a remake of the Telugu hit Vikramarkudu, follows the above dictum to a T by casting Karthi, Surya’s sibling brother, in polemic characters.
Rocket Raja (Karthi) and Kaatupoochi (Santhanam, in familiar territory as the hero's sidekick) are petty thieves who aim at making a quick buck. Raja chances upon Shweta (Tamanna) while attempting to rob a marriage party, and, true to cinematic tradition, falls in love with her. His distaste for children gets into a tailspin when he and Kaatupoochi rob a chest supposedly containing jewels, only to find a girl inside, who identifies him as her father.
Meanwhile, we have Rathnavel Pan…